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Formerly known as Sanitary Owl



There are many products out there to choose from and some will be better suited to you than others. Sanitary Owl offers a choice of the most popular products available and these are shown below.


Tampax Cardboard Applicator


The original commercial tampon. This has a biodegradable cardboard applicator.

Tampax Compak


Comes in a much smaller package than the typical applicator tampon. To use the applicator, you must extend the smaller tube by pulling it out.

Tampax Pearl


Has a plastic applicator which some find can slide more easily into the vagina and therefore more comfortable to insert.

Tampax Compak Pearl

Has the same smooth plastic insertion as the Pearl, but with the benefits of the compact Compak applicator.

Absorbency Tampax


Lil-Lets Applicator

Comes in a much smaller package than the typical applicator tampon. To use the applicator, you must extend the smaller tube by pulling it out. The tampon expands widthways which some find has a better fit.


Lil-Lets Non-Applicator

Doesn’t have an applicator and therefore is inserted into your vagina using your finger. These tampons are very small to carry around with you and there is less waste to dispose of.


Absorbency Lil-lets


Natracare Applicator

These are 100% organic cotton tampons. They are plastic-free, chlorine-free and no rayon.


Absorbency Natracare


Always Ultra

These are thin yet absorbent sanitary pads. The day pads (Normal and Long) allow you the option of having wings (called “Plus”). Wings are tabs that wrap around the sides of the your underwear to add additional leak protection and help secure the pad in place.


A graphic showing the available absorbencies for Natracare products


Bodyform SoSlim 


These are ultra thin pantyliners


Tampon Disposal Bags

We’ve gone into partnership with FabLittleBag to ensure that our customers have access to the best disposal bags on the market. Developed in 2015, the FabLittleBag is the only bag that you can open and close with one hand. What does this mean? Hygienic and biodegradable disposal wherever you are. And no tampons in our drains or on our beaches!



Silicon grade cups used as an alternative to tampons and pads. Great for you and great for the environment. Never heard of them? You can read more in our blog here.

Remember: You should use the smallest absorbency tampon appropriate for your period, and only use tampons when you are menstruating. For more information about the risks of using tampons see here.


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