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Hey, before we get started here's some of the handpicked goodies we have selected just for you. Something missing? Let us know.



Doisy & Dam chocolate, where do we begin. We had to limit ourselves to 3 flavours because we actually wanted all of them! It's delicious superfood chocolate, all made with ethically sourced organic ingredients. They are, hands down, some of the best chocolate we have ever tasted, especially the Quinoa, Smoked Tea and Vanilla!  

Squirrel Sisters - gluten free, dairy free and no added sugars, a fruity favourite, bursting with raspberries this sweet tangy bar will satisfy any sweet craving in sight.

Rawcha Cacao & Goji organic Matcha bars are packed with free radical fighting superfoods. A lush blend of Matcha, Goji, Raw Cacao, Açaí, Chia Seeds and Green Superfoods. They are a superb source of omega 3, protein and antioxidants - 100% guilt free goodness.


Wellness in a mug

Four Sigmatic was founded with the goal of cutting through all of the hype and helping people eat more of the world’s most scientifically studied superfoods, like mushrooms:

Mushroom coffee with Lion’s Mane & Chaga - half the caffeine, double the effects, lower acidity and smooth flavour. The brain-boosting effects of coffee are well-known, but combining it with Lion’s Mane mushroom and rhodiola root will give you the perfect mental clarity in an instant.

Reishi Elixir -  Instead of throwing another handful of capsules in your mouth, Four Sigmatic drink mixes are easy-to-use, tasty, and definitely effective! The Superfood Mushroom Drink Mixes are powdered extracts that can be dissolved in water, put into smoothies or taken as is. Reishi is generally known as “the queen of mushrooms”due to its body-and-mind balancing properties and is often linked to help with stress levels, sleep problems and hormonal challenges.

Pukka tea - organic tea made to make everything feel better.  Love is a personal favourite.


Give your skin a break. Algimud is a detoxifying peel-off facial mask made to dramatically improve skin texture, leaving it soft and refreshed.



Probio 7v - Who isn’t obsessed with probiotics right now? They’re great for immunity and gut health and as medics are discovering more and more having a healthy gut keep illnesses away. Probio 7v are made from 100% natural source ingredients. They’re suitable for vegans and are wheat free, dairy free, gluten free and yeast free.

Together WholeVits Woman is specially developed for the unique needs of women, they’ve taken all the goodness from some of nature’s finest offerings and made our WholeVit™ Women’s Multi using whole foods.



Essentials for your period

Nurofen, liners, tampon disposal bags, and heat pads to ease cramps, we’ve got you covered. We have Natracare organic liners, and we love Bodyform So Slim liners as they just feel invisible when you wear them. Great for days when your period is light, or when you want extra back up.

What is Dame?

In this day and age why would you bother going to the shops every month to buy your tampons, pads liners, painkillers, heatpads…. when you can just get it delivered in one box when you need it. No brainer.


How does it work?

You choose from popular brands of tampons and pads, mix and match the absorbencies you need, and add extra comforts, treats and wellness like liners, heat pads, painkillers, chocolate, face masks, supplements and tea. If you’re box total goes over £9 then postage is free. We’ll send you a box every 4 weeks, or as often as you like, so that you’re always topped up. You can pause or cancel any time.

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Building my box  

You start by picking which tampons and/or pads you want. You can have 16 items for £3.50. You have the option to either have a whole box of the same type, or go half and half with something else. We have handpicked extra essentials for your period for you to choose from. From organic chocolate to mushroom coffee (it really is amazing, morning zing without the bad bits) we have spent hours looking for the best out there for a better healthy you.


Which products can I chose?

We currently provide Tampax, Lil Lets, Always, Bodyform and Natracare (organic) but we are always keen to hear if you want something else.  Just tell us.


What if you don’t stock my brand?

We’ve offered the most popular products on the market.  We’re convinced that you will find something that works with your body, but if not we’d love to hear your suggestions, so please let us know.


Why can I just pick 16 products?

Every girl or woman has a different menstrual flow, but after a lot of research we found that 16 was the optimal number.  It is recommended to change your tampon every 4-8 hours (so about 3-6 tampons every 24hrs), and remember it is best to use the lightest absorption for each stage of your period. If you need more, you can easily increase your delivery frequency in your account section.


What if I want more than 16 tampons and/or pads?

Easy, just increase how often you want your box delivered. After listening to feedback from our customers we send out 16 tampons and/or pads per box but you can always buy extras like liners for lighter days. We set it to automatically send you a box every 4 weeks but you can have them delivered more often, every week if you wish. If you then suddenly feel that they're stacking up in your cupboard you can push back your deliveries to a date in the future. You can do all this in your account. You’re in control.


Which absorbencies can I choose?

You have the option to either have a whole box of the same type, or go half and half with something else.


Do I pay extra for postage and packaging?

Yes. It is £2.50 for P&P and we have done this so that we can cover our costs and still bring you the best service we can. However we want to give it to you for free so if you fill your box with £9 worth of products (excluding P&P) then we will give it to you for free! Not too difficult if you are already buying painkillers or liners. We have some great vitamins and supplements to kickstart your body.


Can I send this as a gift?

Of course, just make sure the shipping address is for your intended recipient.


I want this for my daughter but she hasn’t got her period yet. What should I do?

Panic not. Dame have put together a teen period box with lots of products and information to help you both through this important milestone. Check it out in our Shop here.


First Period Box


What is the First Period Box?

Full of the products, information and support a girl and her parent or guardian needs to have her first period. The pack includes guide leaflets, a book on puberty for girls, and a wide range of products suitable for teenagers. It’s been carefully curated and the guides written so as to ensure girls are exposed to the most important aspects of their period, and how to manage it. Check it out here.



What methods of payment do you accept?

The usual ones, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  We don’t use any funky payment methods, you only pay for the box you receive so if you pause/cancel up until the day we send your box we will not charge you for that delivery. You can log into your account to see when your next shipment date is.


When will my account be charged?

We will only charge your account when we send you a box. For ongoing orders, we will charge you the day your box is packed, so you make changes to your order any time up until then. To see when your next box will be sent, or to make changes to your order, see your account. NB: We send out boxes every 4 weeks, not every month. This means the day of the month your card is charged will change.


How do I change my card details?

You can do that easily at the bottom of your account.


Managing my orders


Can I adjust my order?

Of course. Just log into your account to adjusts things like what products you want to receive or how often you want to receive them. If you do this after the cut off time before you next box is due to be sent out then this will be applied to the box after that.


Can I change the frequency of deliveries?

Yup, just visit your account and adjust how often your box is sent.  Remember to change the date you want your next box sent as well.  


Can I pause / cancel my orders?

Sure. Visit your account and you can pause / cancel your orders there. You can even pick a day to which will restart your orders automatically so you don’t have to remember.


What if I want to stop my orders?

You can cancel anytime up until the cut-off day listed in your account.  There is no contract so no strings attached. Dame cannot offer refunds for any boxes already dispatched before cancellation has been made according to the T&Cs.


Delivery & Returns


Do I pay extra for postage and packaging?

Yes. It is £2.50 for P&P and we have done this so that we can cover the cost of bringing you the best service we can. However we want to give it to you for free so if you fill your box with £9 worth of products (excluding P&P) then we will give it to you for free! Not too difficult if you are already buying painkillers or liners.


Where do you deliver?

We deliver everywhere that Royal Mail delivers in the UK.  Please remember that deliveries to Northern Ireland do take longer.  


Who delivers my post?

The lovely posties at Royal Mail.


When will my deliveries be?

We post with Royal Mail, so we say to allow up to 3-5 working days for your boxes to arrive. Your second and subsequent boxes will be automatically be sent out every 4 weeks unless you adjust your delivery options in your account. You can have your box delivered as little or often as you want, from 1-12 weeks simply by changing this in your account.


Will this be delivered through my letterbox?

Yes, our clever Dame dynamos have designed boxes that will fit through 95% of UK letterboxes, but it may be worth checking yours first. All our subscription boxes are 19cm wide, maximum 2.5cm deep and maximum 35cm long. If your letterbox is too small, or you have one of those cages/boxes that catch your post, we hope your lovely postie will leave it in a safe place or with a nice neighbour (who won’t know what’s inside as we have designed the boxes with privacy in mind). NB. Any items bought from our Shop will come in bigger boxes and might not fit through your letterbox.


My letterbox is too small

Don’t worry, you can easily set up a different address to receive your order such as an office.  The boxes are designed with privacy in mind so no one will know what is in them.


Cut-off times for changes to your box

You can make changes to your box at any time. Changes made before the day the box is due to be sent out will apply to that box. Any changes made after this will be applied to your next box.


Can I change my address?

Yes, just log into your account and change the details.  It’s very easy.


What if my order is wrong?

We all make mistakes, but the most important thing is to let us know so we can sort it out.


Where is my box?

You can see when your next box will be sent out by visiting your account. If you think your box should have already arrived, then please let us know. If your postie couldn’t deliver they would have left a note and will hold your box in your local Royal Mail collection depot for 18 days before returning it to us and it is your responsibility to contact them to arrange receipt of the box as soon as you can. We cannot be held responsible for refunding or replacing the box if this process has not been followed.


Vouchers & referrals


How do I use my introductory voucher?

Simply follow the normal sign up process and you will be asked to put your voucher codes in at the checkout. You must press 'apply' or the voucher will not be successful. Vouchers are only available for one person on their first box unless otherwise stated.  Unless otherwise stated vouchers only apply to boxes of tampons and pads. All extras are charged at full price (please see our T&Cs).


My discount is not showing in the My Account section?

Any discount successfully applied will only show up on your confirmation email, not in the My Account section.


Tell me more about the referral codes?

Firstly, thank you for spreading the word - so happy you like what we do. We love it when our customers talk about us and are always giving away discounts and vouchers for those that do. You’ll be sent your unique referral code in your confirmation email after your sign up. You can also find it in the your account section. You have to have an active Dame account for the credit to be applied at the time of the referral code being used. The referred customer must be a new Dame customer and not an existing or returning Dame customer (Dame will determine in their sole discretion if whether the customer is new). Please see T&C's for the low down.


I want to leave feedback.

Great, that’s incredibly helpful. Either let us know or you can write a review on our Facebook Page.




How does my order support Dame’s charities?

We think that sanitary protection is a basic right for all women and are happy to support those women who struggle to meet their own needs by providing for charities both home and abroad. We do this by taking some of the money made on each box and channelling it towards good cause, such as the homeless in London, or school girls in Africa. You can learn more about who we support and how by visiting our blog.


Which charities does Dame support?

We support many charities and they often change, so for the most up to date news please visit our blog.