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Healthy. Balanced. Period

Your box of monthly essentials, delivered.
Have a better cycle, be a better you.

From £9. Free delivery

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How it Works

A balanced body means a healthy period, which leads to a better more confident you. Your box contains what you need to be the best every month

Step 1

1. Build Your Box

Choose which of our selected products you’d like for before, during and after your period.

Step 2

2. Choose Delivery

We’ll post your box however often you need, to any address. They’re letterbox friendly.

Step 3

3. Change Products

Add new goodness or adjust contents to make it your box. Cancel any time.

No strings attached

Trusted Brands

We offer all leading brands so you can choose your favourite products. We also offer organic and teen products, as well as re-usables, so you can be DAME sure you have what you need.

Tampax Always Natracare Bodyform

LOVE receiving my beautiful box! Pops through the door without me thinking. A joy to open!

Paint circle cropped Your cycle, your way

Your Month your way

Our bodies are all different and so is your box. We’ve sourced a careful balance of products so your box ensures you have the healthiest, happiest month.

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Why subscribe?

Our hormones are in flux throughout our cycle. By meeting the needs of your body in a healthy and thoughtful way, you can help yourself have a better period and a better month.



Have all you need for a better month delivered through your letterbox



Every woman is different, you decide what you want in your box



Peace of mind to know that you helping your body be the best it can be

Giving back

Helping the homeless

Our mission is to provide free sanitary products to every vulnerable woman in the UK. We’ve provided nearly 50,000 pads and help over 300 women on a regular basis. There’s much more to do.

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Dame good news

Health, fertility, politics, equal rights, progress, achievement - it’s an exciting time to be a woman. Stay tuned in to what DAME and our community are saying about all things ‘woman’.

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